CPQ Solutions

(Grow your next level with CPQ Solutions)

Prime Consulting Inc which is also known as the team of high expertise for CPQ investment and also deliver the best configurable with quality pricing and desirable quotation consulting services for the largest enterprises. Providing the customer or clients as per their expectation with suitable design and quality assured solution is always the prime goal of PCI.

CPQ Cloud helps the customer to sell the product faster, easier and with high bandwidth.Shapes the sells process with effective and marginal solutions.

Benefits of CPQ Solutions:

  • Optimize the sales process
  • Efficiently closing large deals
  • Speeding the sales cycle
  • CPQ Automate sales across the channels


APPTUS Solutions

( CPQ )

Make your sloution possible with Effective and standarized object.
As being one of the leader in Quote-to Cash, Addressing Quote-to-Cash process by combining the salesforce standard object with its own sturcturized object, Apptus build a very sharp and standard design. Having its various complexities it create the high end business structure or models. To Design the application the expertise or the professional used to deep dive to formulate the standard object.

Apptus Features

  • High volume of revenue
  • Effective sales Process
  • Major Commitments



( Next Generation Quote-To-Cash App )

Buile natively on Salesforce and Salesforce1 Mobile App, it generate the actual quotes and orders along with contracts. Also delivers the accurate analytic results for reference.

STEEL BRICK Characteristics:

  • Easy to Deploy
  • Manage Billing Process
  • High Analytics View
  • Next Gen App
  • Revenue Recognization


Quality Assurance

( We gurantee the result would be higly assured )

We at Prime Consulting Inc primarily focus on the Quality not the Quantity. It is only the secret that plays the vital role to develop any of the organisation smoothly and provide us the customer with great levarage. Maintaining the quality means giving the customer a certain belief that they are in safe place.

The term quality assurance and quality control are often used interchangeably to refer to ways of ensuring the quality of a service or product.

Assurance Characteristics

  • Competence
  • Delivery
  • Reliability
  • Solutions