Salesforce Solutions

Salesforce Solutions

Whether your company needs a standard implementation, adhoc Q & A support for your System Admin, or a partner to handle a high-profile, high stakes project with a defined set of deliverables, below are a few reasons why Prime Consulting is the premier source for SFDC consulting resources.

We Specialize in Implementation

A majority of our business is fixing existing implementations. If your current implementation is problematic from the ground up, we offer the most cost effective means to re-implement your entire database. Re-implementations often cost more than the previous implementation, but Prime can conserve your budget by identifying the mistakes before moving forward. Prime can save more than any firm by doing your initial implementation, and we guarantee the highest quality. However, we can remedy any existing problems within your CRM with expedited timelines at the most competitive prices.

We Use Salesforce for Our Own In House Development

From Web-to-Lead and Web-to-Case functions, very few users take advantage of timesheets and Conga Merge app integration to create and send invoices. We run our entire company on When others advise you based on theoretical situations, we advise you based on our first-hand user experiences we have been acquiring since 2006.

Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud Knowledge

We know and account for many of the possible bugs and pitfalls of implementing Salesforce incorrectly. If a problem does arise, we recognize and handle it efficiently. If you suspect you’re not fully or correctly leveraging Salesforce, then please call us for a free consultation. In a quick phone call, we can tell you what you’re missing out on and what to avoid.

Sales Cloud

Service Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Cloud Portal

Salesforce Business Approach

( Business Review and Study )

Our certified CRM consultants work jointly with the CRM taskforce of your organization to review the goals and objectives you want to achieve, both short term and long. Prime prepares the steps and milestones needed to guide and measure your CRM implementation process.

The Approach

We then design and suggest ways to improve your current CRM tools. Once we have worked out what your specific needs are we can draft a team and timeline for your Salesforce solution.

CRM Deployment

We map the CRM capacities to your business processes and configure the customized layouts per your specifications and needs. During rollout, our consultant is onsite to monitor progress to ensure a secure and stable transition.Our knowledgeable staff will have your staff accustomed to the new processes and layouts with little downtime.

Extended Support

We offer continuous support services to manage the CRM platform on behalf of our users so they can concentrate on their primary roles. This maximizes efficient resource usage, resulting in highly cost effective productivity for our CRM clients. Our services include CRM system administration, workflow redesigning, layout updating, and user training.

Salesforce Implementation

( Salesforce Implementation Process )

Review Business Process

We identify possible improvements and align them with your company’s goals.

Integrate Diverse Systems

Integrating your data to make your business flow.

Create Reports and Dashboards

Present your data and leads in a way where everyone is on the same page.

Plan CRM Implementation

What needs to be done and what resources are available? If there is a deadline, how can we meet it?

Migrate Data

We organize all your valuable data.

User Training

We’ll teach your workers how to do their roles faster and more effectively (includes custom user guide).

Configure New System

We lay out the infrastructure and begin building your new CRM.

Review and Refine

Check for errors and maximize your data’s efficacy.

Administrator Training

We train your staff and provide documentation designed to ensure they understand the system, allowing them to identify and correct problems. Our training gives employees enough knowledge so they can train future employees to be just as effective with your powerful new implementation.

Certified Professionals

( We are ready to work with you )

Analyse our team with high expectation and achieve your goal

We’re Certified

Each and every person who supports your project is a Salesforce Certified Professional. When working with us, there is a guarantee the Salesforce resource is available as we have professionals from junior level to senior architects. Verify our credentials and those of other partners’ project members here..

License Agreement Review

Being able to understand what your company needs can help lower the cost of your license. Talk to a qualified, knowledge partner like Prime who can help you save money by minimizing unnecessary license usage. Licenses are a one year commitment, and Prime can identify and eliminate excessive spending on licenses that affect your bottom line and inhibit your company’s growth.

Consultant You Ask For

It is common in the promiscuous IT industry to receive lower level devs than you bargained for. At Prime, senior level work will be done by our senior staff. We have the integrity to be honest about our resources, because we know they are world class talent.